Valentine’s Day Massacre 2018

As the same old tired liberal talking points and hand-wringing about the need for gun control commences, just remember that Americans decided after the Newtown shooting that even the murder of so many little white kids in their school did not warrant a political solution that would bring about meaningful gun control. If nothing was done then, certainly there is little to no hope anything will be done now, or ever.  Meaningful gun control is politically impossible in this country.

No politician would have the courage to advocate a set of policies that might actually – in some cases – prevent these types of killings or at least lessen their frequency and destructive potential. A mere ban on assault weapons would not do it. Background checks and waiting lists won’t do it. It would take mass confiscations of the weapons already out there, a ban on most and strict regulation of all types of firearms. But even the weak-tea reforms liberals propose, which would do nothing to stop these shootings, are mercilessly attacked and shot down by gun rights advocates. Even the most moderate measures don’t have the slightest chance of being passed by congress. And again, those proposals would do nothing to prevent these types of crimes.

Let’s face it, the US is a depraved society with lots of warped, alienated, and dangerous people who have easy access to weapons. Sure, you can say that such people- reared in a violent culture of constant war abroad and racist violence at home, violence as entertainment, violence glorified – should not have access to guns, but that will never fly here because guns hold a sacred place at the heart of our cultural values. There is truth to the inane slogan put out by the NRA that ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’ Depraved, alienated Americans, even youths (perhaps especially certain youths), kill senselessly, and viciously.  Therefore guns should not be easily accessible to them. Even if it were possible to take guns away from them, though, they would no doubt find outlets for their violent urges: they’d bomb schools, malls, and theatres, use vehicles. 

The anti-gun control people blame mental illness for mass shootings and say the solution is to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. What counts as mental illness? What forms of mental illness disqualify one from gun ownership and how will gun dealers know who suffers from them? Will just a bout with depression and meds scrip disqualify one? Will such information be entered into a national database that is checked for every pending gun sale? What about private sales and illegal and stolen guns?

Or does it have to be a form of mental illness that requires hospitalization or long-term treatment? Will insurance companies share their records with the Fed and state governments to make a database of the mentally ill? What about those who have not been diagnosed yet?

Trump says that people must report anyone they think acts weirdly to authorities. How would that work? What counts as acting “mentally disturbed?” Is that to be left to each and every individual’s subjective opinion? It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain cell why this is no solution, and not at all practicable. It is not possible to know in advance who will do a thing like this. Plus, this dude was reported to the FBI, and they did nothing. There was an armed school cop on campus at the time of the shooting, and he did nothing.

Maybe – in terms of those who seem mentally disturbed or acting dangerously – let’s round up every member of a white supremacist or hate group, including MRA groups, since they are the ones who commit these crimes. How about every single person with an abnormal and disturbing gun fetish – we can start with the entire membership of the NRA and their executive officers. Because I don’t think it’s normal to glorify guns as much as they do. It’s surely a sign of some disturbing personality or mental pathology. Save the thoughts and prayers.