Twenty-first Century Political Landscape

Probably the best any thinking people can do now is give up on politics and focus on things that make for a full and happy life. Reading literature and memoirs from those who live or have lived in police or otherwise authoritarian states may help with this transition to political hopelessness and disengagement. This really never was a democracy, but whatever democratic mechanisms once existed – however imperfect – are gone. Of course only the privileged can tune out and find happy diversions.. But it is futile to hope for any change in the system we have, at least in its fundamental structures, dispensation of rights, equitable social and economic justice, the integrity of the federal government. It is over.

Those who like the thrill of politics and contention and are moved by moral idealism – the virtue-signallers will hold the field – can still fight it out on the terrain of identity politics and online call out culture. They can prevail over the unsuspecting on facebook and twitter, and other social media. They are really the only ones who may see little victories here and there, however pointless and small- at least they can claim victory in shaming those who transgress accepted forms of speech and thought, they can ruin people who go too far, screen-shot their comments and make them go viral, and maybe make them lose their jobs. They can humble others who would otherwise be their comrades, make them think and speak their way, or say nothing for fear of slipping up. The ‘intellectual’ avant-garde and cultural arbiters of Oceania will preside over the safe-space of a safe politics.

But any agenda that threatens the power and control of a government bent on upholding the capitalist system will have no hope of implementation. Anyone hoping for a more just, less racist, and less militarized policing system can forget it. It will become increasingly more repressive because of the threat of domestic terrorism. Gun control advocates might get a few crumbs thrown their way if the Dems win congress, but that will only increase the violent rage of the right (who have weapons stockpiled) and lead to more domestic terrorism. Radical reformist groups on the ground will be targeted more as well. The gender politics people might get some concessions on bathrooms. And how “equal pay” can be enacted in a free market capitalist system is quite a mystery but Billary will no doubt come up with something that looks and smells like it is a “step in the right direction.” Of course that will only benefit bourgeois women in the professions, the women she represents. Can’t imagine what even that would be though in terms of new legislation,

That’s about it, I’d say. Insurance and healthcare costs will continue to spike along with military budgets, US interventions, and wars. More and more people’s lives will become ever more precarious. The liberal media will cover it all up and spin it positively for the Democrats, while the right wing media holds half the country in thrall with ever more outlandish conspiracy theories and maddening fascist paranoia that send the alt-right off its rocker. Then the next recession hits in 2-3 years. Find happiness in friends, nature, family, reading. Enjoy what you have before the bottom falls out for a lot more of us.


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