Bill Clinton’s Adultery is a Red Herring Tossed Out By the Liberal Media. The Real Issue is Serial Sexual Abuse of Women



Liberals promoting Hillary in the media and Democratic party strategists keep pretending that Clinton’s opponents are making hypocritical attacks on Bill Clinton for infidelity in marriage – while Trump’s womanizing has been notorious- and that Hillary is unfairly being blamed. This is a deflective strategy meant to keep focus away from the truly disturbing matter of  the real nature of Clinton’s womanizing: his serial abuse of women. The issue is not his 12-year affair with Gennifer Flowers (I know he admitted to having sex only once with her, but he never inhaled either) which was indeed consensual,  despite efforts by Hillary’s damage control team to pretend it is so.

Juanita Broaddrick is another matter. She has accused Clinton of rape, posing a real dilemma for Hillary’s feminist supporters who argue that women who accuse men of rape must be believed. He also sexually harassed Paula Jones and paid an $850,000 settlement to her to resolve her lawsuit. Most famously, of course, he used a 21- year old intern for blow jobs in the Oval Office, which is hardly an “extramarital affair” or “relationship,” as Clinton defenders portray it, but an abuse of his power in one of the most degrading ways imaginable of someone under his authority. I dare say that most women who engage in consensual affairs or relationships with men – married or not – do more with them than just give them blow jobs. No doubt Monica believed it was more, probably that he cared for her. But what else would a 21-year old intern seduced by the most powerful man in the world think?

Let’s not forget that interns are college students, or graduate students, who win these coveted positions to further their own careers. A well-know film studies professor, Laura Kipnis, was recently nearly crucified for writing an article questioning the growing sexual paranoia fostered by the new feminism on college campuses, noting that professors used to routinely sleep with students. Students went ballistic. Her  critics lambasted her for ignoring the power discrepancy between faculty and students and prompted a Title IX investigation, of which she was cleared of any wrongdoing. If young feminists on campus today find the notion of student-faculty encounters an abuse of faculty authority, how much more of a power discrepancy exists between the President of the United States and an intern assigned to his office?

Bill Clinton also – like Trump, who is accused of raping a 13-year old girl – made a number of trips to convicted sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein’s rape and sex-slave island. Considering his history with women, it’s unlikely he went there just to walk the beach and sip piňa coladas.

Hillary did everything possible to cover up her husband’s serial abuse of women, using intimidation tactics and  a private investigator to slut shame and ruin the women involved. “Bimbo eruptions” were not to be allowed  to get in the way of the couple’s political ambitions. After all, it would be Hillary’s “turn” someday after Bill left the White House.

It is difficult to comprehend how Hillary and her supporters can contend that is Trump a misogynist without wincing as if Bill Clinton wasn’t one too. I mean, what is misogyny? Is it just calling women fat or commenting on menstruation?  I’d say that rape, sexual harassment, and rank usage of young women for blow jobs counts as misogynistic behavior too. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are both serial abusers of women, neither are the typical spouse material for a feminist. But then again Hillary is not really a feminist. She just has her hopes pinned on bourgeois feminist desire to get into power. Women are an important constituency for her, especially older boomer women. She will say and do anything to get power, and this is working for her. So I guess Liberals will keep on serving up that Kool Aid and pretending that her detractors are hypocritically trying to use Slick Willy’s affairs against her. It’s really not about his affairs.


Photo courtesy of Buzz Nigeria


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